To provide a garden that would give the clients a quiet retreat to sit and relax or entertain guests. The garden is overshadowed by a large English Oak the lack of light made this garden harder to fill with colour. The client also requested that the back yard still be kept as a useable backyard with open spaces for garden, storage, clothesline etc.


The use of retainer walls was required to allow for the sloping aspect. As the garden had three different heights, the idea to elevate the decking and gardens while keeping the lawn at a low level allowed for better use of the area. The lawn kept at the level of the house floor gives the client more ease in opening up the rear of the dwelling for entertainment purposes.


Due to the shade the Oak casts the garden has certain periods of the day where it receives direct sun light. The planting design centred on the use of a large green lawn and contrasting leaf shapes and colours for added interest. The walls were coloured in neutral shade that would balance well with the large expanse of green lawn. Overall the garden is a great retreat in the heat of summer.


Small-to-large sized properties

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